Our business alliance and friendship began over a decade ago and our proof of performance has been contagious. We advocate environmental responsibility.

 "Breathe green with a splash of color!"

Mary E. Stone, Stone Associates Landscape Design & Consulting: Certified Landscape Designer, Project Manager, Coach, Writer and Local Columnist of ‘Garden Dilemma’s? Ask Mary’ also available online                           www.gardendilemmas.com 
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1. As “Exterior Designers” we work on your behalf to create the best design for your property and lifestyle; unlike many traditional Design/Install companies who may design what they are proficient in installing.

2. You’ll have access to our proven Network of Associates for all or part of the installation you do not wish to tackle yourself. Your Master Plan, complete with suggested installation plant sizes and hardscape materials recommendations, will allow you yo compare apples-to-apples in procuring installation estimates.  

3. And, you can phase- in your Design over time and end up with a cohesive, well-planned result.


Why we are unique

     We believe in creating gardens and landscapes that embrace the glories of nature and specialize in designing plant and hardscape combinations that are out of the ordinary, while respecting our dear earth. 

     We enjoy coaching hands-on gardeners or those that prefer a Full Service “Hands- Free” approach through our proven network of Associate Installers who are simply the Best of the Best.

In cooperation with...

Marty Carson, Three Seasons Garden Design:
Garden Designer & Lecturer, Recipient of the American Horticultural Society Award “Skillful Design with Environmental Stewardship” and Springfest Garden Show People’s Choice.  Distributor of North Country Organics – organic soil amendments & pest controls for your garden and yard.

We are available to inspire your club or event with topics such as:

Deer Resistant Plants You May Not Know About: We'll share more than the ordinary deer-resistant plants, plus delightful plant combinations, to create unique and beautiful gardens that will not appeal to the uninvited intruders.

Plant Companions: We will share ideal plant companions in terms of color, texture, and scale as well as cultural preferences. Because beautiful gardens (and a more beautiful world) thrive in harmony.

The Dos and Don’ts of Garden and Landscape Design:

A humorous and revealing review of "what-to-do" and "what-not-to-do" to create a beautiful design-  the basis of garden joy. We'll discuss and share the top Do's and Don'ts, pet peeves, and faux pas, some of which may bring us to laughter…others maybe to tears.  Feel free to bring your garden dilemmas or ideas to share.  

The Design Process for Do-it-Yourselfers or “Hands-Free” Gardeners: We'll coach you on the stages of the design process to help you hone in on creating a landscape or garden design to fit your lifestyle and desires. For those that prefer a "hands-free" approach, this lecture will help equip you to work with outside professionals to create the living environment of your dreams.  

 Or, feel free to request a topic of interest.